My Office Pod

  • Bespoke Web Design
  • E-commerce
  • Landing Page System
  • Customised Admin

My Office Pod offer a range of self-contained spaces installed in offices that create private areas for people to work in.

The Brief

The directors were concerned that the dated design of their website would harm their long term marketing activities.

The Solution

We took advantage of their great photography and designed the product pages to really sell each item’s features.

Colour Palette

The colours were chosen for My Office Pod with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring they not only reflected the brand's identity but also remained in harmony with the broader design and functionality of their products. The selected colour palette not only encapsulated the essence of the brand but also played a crucial role in maintaining consistency across all aspects of the My Office Pod experience.



Upon careful examination of the brand guidelines and a thorough understanding of the intended messaging, we proceeded to assess the typography employed in the website design. Subsequently, we made the decision to transition to a web-safe font that aligns with the brand's identity and messaging.

Bespoke WordPress Design

Mobile UX

Streamlined Designs

Premium Features

Our dedication to merging technology and design has yielded a website that expertly weaves together the My Office Pod brand and practical functionality. We take immense pride in delivering a solution that precisely matches their vision: a vibrant online platform that not only mirrors their unique identity but also equips them with effortless control over their digital presence.

Motion Effects
Landing Page Builder
Typography & Colors
Custom Graphics

Some Business Stats

Increased Engagement
Screen Views
That’s why you are the pros 😊. This looks incredible. We are really pleased
Jon - Managing Director
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