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Cake Box are a high street phenomenon with over 230 locations in the UK selling a huge range of cakes to an enthusiastic customer base. Read more on how we delivered the project below.

Website Improvements

Reduced Bounce Rate
Increased Conversions
Improved Page Speed
Increase User Sessions

Client Brief

Cake Box, was seeking to expand their e-commerce presence and approached us with a well-defined plan to improve their online platform. Their vision included expanding their business within the UK and thus, required a strong and effective solution to support their growth. The demands from both a customer and administrative perspective were extensive, but we were eager to take on the challenge and assist them in achieving their goals.

To meet Cake Box’s needs, we carefully examined their current e-commerce platform and identified areas that required improvement. Our team then developed a comprehensive strategy that addressed the challenges and met their specific requirements.

The project involved creating a new Magento 2 e-commerce website design that was intuitive and user-friendly. This allowed customers to easily navigate and find the products they were looking for. Additionally, we implemented a robust backend system that streamlined the administrative process, making it easier for Cake Box to manage their online orders, store locations and inventory.  

Project Overview:

Lead time: 30 weeks

Sector: Online Retailer

Target Type: B2C

Demographic: Cake Connoisseurs

Website Goals: Clean E-commerce Design, Easy to use Navigation

Services: Magento 2 Web Design & Development

Key Features:

Magento 2 Bespoke Development

Once we had a complete understanding of Cake Box’s requirements, we advised them that Magento 2 would be the most suitable platform to build their new e-commerce website on. We recommended this platform as it offered the flexibility, scalability, and features needed to support Cake Box’s growth plans and meet their specific requirements.

Products Management by CSV File

We provided Cake Box with a feature that allowed them to easily upload thousands of products onto their website through a CSV file. The file included variations, delivery and collection times, and images assigned to each product. This made it possible for Cake Box to quickly make changes to their site whenever necessary.

Landing Page Builder

The landing page builder is easy to use, and after training, they had free reign to create pages as and when needed. The simplicity of the admin area means that no programming or HTML skills are required. They simply upload images, videos and type text, and the page comes to life.

Customised Checkout Process

To ensure that Cake Box’s customers had a seamless and convenient checkout experience, we developed a customised checkout method. This unique feature allowed customers to select pick-up locations and times that were tailored to their individual needs. With this bespoke method, customers could choose a pick-up location that was closest to them, select a date and time that was most convenient, and pay for their order online.

Store Locator

As part of Cake Box’s requirements, they needed a fully managed store locator page that would enable them to manage the opening hours of each of their stores. This feature was critical to ensure that the availability of collections and deliveries could be accurately displayed in real-time to their customers. To deliver this functionality, we developed a customised store locator page that allowed Cake Box to easily manage the opening hours of each store.

Customised Order Details PDF

To ensure that Cake Box could efficiently fulfill customer orders, we developed a feature that automatically generated a PDF prep sheet for store managers once an order was confirmed. This sheet contained all the relevant information required for the store to prepare the cakes for the customer. The prep sheet included details such as the type of cake, the quantity required, any specific instructions provided by the customer, and the collection or delivery time.


The Solution

Using Magento 2 as the foundation, we were able to fully customise the application to cater to all the core requirements outlined in the brief. Our team worked closely with Cake Box to ensure that the new platform met their needs and aligned with their vision.

The customisations we made included designing and developing a new theme that was visually appealing, easy to navigate, and aligned with Cake Box’s brand. We also integrated various features to enhance the customer experience, such as an intuitive product search, MailChimp, and a bespoke optimised checkout process.

Additionally, we integrated various third-party tools to further enhance the website’s functionality, including a payment gateway, analytics tools, and a delivery management system.

Throughout the development process, we remained in constant communication with Cake Box to ensure that they were satisfied with the progress and that the final product met their expectations. If you need a solution like we delivered for Cake Box, please get in touch and book a discovery call.

Bond Media have been very helpful and professional throughout the project and have always been hands on with guidance and best practices for our requirements.
Cakebox.com Directors

Colour Palette

When designing the website for TRONYX, we adhered to the brand's identity by maintaining a clean and straightforward color palette. This approach allowed the product photography to seamlessly incorporate the brand's colours into the site's visual appeal.



Upon careful examination of the brand guidelines and a thorough understanding of the intended messaging, we proceeded to assess the typography employed in the website design. Subsequently, we made the decision to transition to a web-safe font that aligns with the brand's identity and messaging.

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