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Good web design is integral to the success of any online business. That isn’t just a statement, it’s a fact. Customers expect an easy and intuitive ecommerce experience, and the Magento framework enables you to give that to them.

E-commerce Web Design & Development Services

Our design and development team create stunning, user-friendly Magento e-commerce websites for a national and global market that will draw your customers back time and time again to buy from you. Ultimately increasing revenue and resulting in great return on investment.

Bond Media offers the ultimate flexibility by using Magento e-commerce solutions to accommodate almost any budget. Our designers and e-commerce specialists develop bespoke designs state-of-the-art retail websites, but we’re just as happy to pursue the more cost conscious route of utilising the Magento e-commerce platform. 

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We've been working with Magento since 2008

With years of experience developing e-commerce solutions for clients of all sizes, from start-ups to multi-national corporations, we understand what makes a successful retail website.

Cutting-Edge Design

Our skilled designers are passionate about creating exceptional results on every project. They are only ever satisfied once they have produced a website that will both WOW the intended audience and build confidence and trust to ensure its commercial success. 

Ease of Use

Keeping things simple is the key to online retail profits. The easier it is to navigate and buy from your website the more business you will do. Our designers not only create unique identities for businesses, but focused on clarity, simplicity and the user experience, narrowing the gap between a buyer’s desire to purchase and the completed transaction.

Customer Loyalty

Our expertise in this field enables us to recommend various ways for you to engage with your customers to gaining their loyalty. From numerous additional practical features to simple ways for customers to communicate with you or one another through reviews, discussion boards, blogs and forums.  

Search Engine Visibility

Alongside our dedicated design team our SEO experts work tirelessly to make sure that your retail website is found by those all important search engines and therefore the mass online market. 

Magento Ecommerce Websites Let You Achieve More

Magento is a powerful eCommerce platform that provides merchants with a flexible and customizable solution for online sales. While other eCommerce platforms are available, Magento is, without a doubt, the world’s leading high-performance platform.

Shopify and BigCommerce are fine for smaller stores, but the sheer power of Magento, including its full range of features, streamlines the customer’s journey and increases sales. 

Open Source

Magento is an open-source platform that provides E-commerce Entrepreneurs with a flexible and robust solution for building their online businesses.

Magento’s intuitive administrative interface makes it perfect for teams who want to add features and offer people an enjoyable shopping experience. 

Magento Commerce Edition

Magento commerce edition is a robust eCommerce platform that provides businesses with the tools they need to succeed online. The Magento commerce edition features an intuitive interface and sophisticated back-end functionality. It also helps companies streamline their operations and drive sales.

With support for multiple languages and currencies, Magento enterprise edition is ideal for businesses with global aspirations. 


That isn’t just a statement, it’s a fact. Customers expect an easy and intuitive ecommerce experience, and the Magento framework enables you to give that to them.

So why don’t you start your Magento e-commerce project with Bond Media, the experts in Magento web development, sited in the heart of London.

Or if you’re simply looking to migrate your old Magento-1 store over to Magento-2, look no further, Bond Media, the top Magento development company in the UK can move everything for you – your products, your customers, and all of your data.

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Not sure why you should use Magento as your ecommerce platform?

Our Magento developers can talk you through all of the benefits of this open-source technology that allows online merchants to use a flexible shopping cart system whilst maintaining complete control over the design of the website, the content and the functionality of your online store.

Essentially, Magento offers ecommerce businesses access to incredible marketing, search engine optimisation and product management tools. Regardless of whether your ecommerce business is in the fledgling stage or has taken off, a Magento website is the perfect platform to grow your online business because it scales with you.

Only have a handful of products currently but have dreams of a marketplace to rival Amazon? Magento grows with you, expanding as you do, incorporating all of your products without you needing to switch platforms.

Magento has been designed to be as easy to use by everyone, even non-developers, but because the platform is incredibly complex, even in its most basic form, if you do decide to take on the challenge of setting up your ecommerce site yourself, the chances are you’ll run into difficulties at some point that will require the assistance of a Magento developer.

So let Bond Media be your choice of Magento developer and we’ll help you out of any sticky situations and get your online store back up and running in no time. 

Bond Media Magento Consulting

If you already have a Magento website up and running, but you’ve run into an issue or a problem, then get in touch with Bond Media. We have an incredibly experienced team in Magento website development who are waiting to help you out of your current bind.

Our team of Magento developers are fully up to speed with every single aspect of the Magento platform because everyday we are designing, developing and supporting Magento ecommerce sites, just like yours.

Don’t think that any problem is too small, because the sooner you become unstuck, the sooner you can deliver the best customer experience to your users. 

Bond Media Magento Consulting can help you with:

Let our Magento team become your Magento team, the experts you can call upon when you need support and advice for whatever aspects of Magento website development that you need assistance with.

We guarantee that our Magento experts won’t alter or modify your ecommerce store, they will integrate any changes with minimal impact to your existing website functionality, maintaining its responsiveness, intuitive nature and accessibility.

Our in-house team of Magento developers will analyse your Magento ecommerce requirements and then craft a solution that is bespoke to your needs. 

Bond Media Is A Creative Magento Development Agency

Bond Media are a London based Magento developers who will create for you a fully operational ecommerce platform, freeing you up to focus your time where it’s needed the most – on your customers.

We know that Magento is capable of turning an online marketplace into a dynamic destination, boosting your sales and expanding your reach far beyond your wildest imagination. So let Bond Media develop your ecommerce site for you.

From start to finish, our Magento specialist website developers will create you a fully operational ecommerce platform that not only wows your customers, but blows them away.

Magento is renowned the world over for being a revolutionary, open source ecommerce platform with power and flexibility, delivering the type of ecommerce retail experience that consumers typically associate with big ecommerce names.

Which is why every single member of our Magento development team is carefully selected to ensure that Bond Media delivers outstanding ecommerce sites, jam packed full of all the features you’d expect from a world class ecommerce platform, time and again. 

Bond Media and Magento Website Design and Branding

We said it once, we’ll say it again – exceptional web design is essential to the success of any online business.

If you want a Magento ecommerce site that knocks the socks off your customers, then you need to make sure, down to the smallest detail, that your website holds its own in terms of design and branding. So you couldn’t have come to a better place – Bond Media is an award winning web design agency.

Our team of in-house Magento design specialists take the time to get to know you and your brand, discovering what is unique about you and then creating an ecommerce site that not only reflects who you are as a brand and business, but also what point of difference you offer customers. Because at the end of the day, we want to create for you an ecommerce platform that not only promotes your brand, but that provides you with exceptional ROI.

Magento Extension Development

One of Magento’s many plus points is the ability to seamlessly integrate with extensions. And Magento has an incredible range of extensions that you can include, all whilst maintaining full control of your Magento site.

Our team of in-house Magento extension developers can take any number of these extensions and incorporate them into your site. So whether you’re looking to modify your ecommerce site’s appearance or you want to switch up the UX, our Magento extension developers will transform your site.

Extension development Bond Media offers:

  • Front end features
  • Integrated payment gateway
  • Integrated shipping options
  • Integration with third party systems
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Find Out How Our Magento Web Design Agency Can Help You Today

Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team if you’d like to achieve more by using the world’s leading eCommerce platform, trusted by some of the most prominent companies globally.

Our designers and developers take a collaborative approach and work closely to ensure you stay ahead of the competition and build a sustainable Magento store.

Whether you want a new website or help to redesign and make the most of Magento commerce, our Magento web design team can help you.

With the right support, you could soon be among the world’s leading brands making Magento work for them.

Get your free consultation today. 


You want to make the most of your Magento website but don’t know where to start – right? We receive plenty of questions from prospective clients, and here are the answers to some of the most common ones.

Magento is a popular open-source E-commerce platform known for its robust features, scalability, and flexibility. Businesses often choose Magento for its extensive customisation options, SEO-friendliness, and support for large product catalogs. This question helps beginners understand the platform’s value proposition. 

Magento offers different versions, including Magento Open Source (formerly Community Edition) and Magento Commerce (formerly Enterprise Edition). Understanding the differences between these versions and evaluating how well Magento aligns with your business size, budget, and specific requirements is crucial.

Costs can vary widely depending on factors like hosting, development, extensions, and ongoing maintenance. It’s essential to budget for expenses such as hosting fees, developer services, and potential licensing fees for the Commerce edition. Additionally, consider ongoing costs like security and updates.

If you’re migrating from another platform, you’ll want to know how to transfer your product data, customer information, and design elements to Magento seamlessly. Understanding the migration process and potential challenges can help you plan and execute a successful transition.

Magento has an active community, official documentation, and third-party resources. It’s important to know where to find help when you encounter issues or need assistance with customisation, extensions, or upgrades. Additionally, consider whether you’ll need ongoing technical support from us.

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