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For Gilgamesh's website, we crafted a stunning user experience through a captivating a dark-themed design accompanied by custom animations. The site features an intuitively designed layout, ensuring ease of navigation, and boasts an easily accessible booking widget.

The Brief

Gilgamesh, a prominent client in the hospitality industry, sought a distinctive website design and build to enhance their online presence. The focus was on incorporating a reservation widget centered around seven rooms, ensuring a seamless booking experience. The website design prioritized strong branding elements to make a bold statement and distinguish Gilgamesh from its competitors.

The Solution

Embarking on the journey to deliver the optimal solution for Gilgamesh, our approach commenced with a thorough examination of their specific requirements and aspirations. We meticulously deconstructed every element of Gilgamesh's brand identity to ensure that the website design not only met but surpassed their expectations. Armed with a well-defined directive, we leveraged our expertise to craft a user-friendly experience for seamless bookings while allowing users to delve into the distinctive ambiance and aesthetics of Gilgamesh. The website design ensures an easy navigation experience, allowing users to effortlessly explore menus and immerse themselves in the essence of Gilgamesh.

Colour Palette

When designing the website for Gilgamesh, we adhered to the brand's identity by maintaining a vibrant color palette. This approach allowed the product photography to seamlessly incorporate the brand's colours into the site's visual appeal.

Dark Red
Night Watch


Upon careful examination of the brand guidelines and a thorough understanding of the intended messaging, we proceeded to assess the typography employed in the website design. 

Subtle Motion Effects

Mobile UX

Streamlined Designs

Premium Features

Our commitment to combining technology with design has yielded a website that seamlessly intertwines Gilgamesh's brand with practical functionality. We are proud to have provided a solution that perfectly aligns with their vision.

Motion Effects
Landing Page Builder
Typography & Colors
Custom Admin
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