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The Periscope Live-Streaming App Explained

The Periscope App - Quick Guide For What You Need To Know About Live-Streaming

Ever had that feeling when you've just created a new recipe for crispy duck salad and you simply MUST share it immediately with all your luvvie friends? Or perhaps you want to show us your tan whilst lying on the beach in the Med. You don’t want to share in 30 seconds via Instagram or Twitter. You want to share it now, and at this precise moment. Up until now that was a no-go because Instagram and Twitter aren’t instant or 'real-time' enough for you. Don’t worry, there’s an app for that. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Periscope on your smartphone.


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How Often You Should Post to Social Media - Bond Media

If you are involved in running a Social Media campaign there is one question that is always on your mind. How many posts do I do per day? Which platforms do I post more on? Do I post the same content on all platforms or vary the content? Well in answer to the how many times per day and the amount of posts per platform checkout this great infographic created by the guys at Buffer 

How Often Should You Post on Social Media?

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