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We elevated HX Private Clients' online presence by crafting a sophisticated brand identity, including a modern logo, a refined green, gold, and black color palette, and a clean website design featuring a compelling video showcase and a user-friendly application form.

The Brief

Our task for HX Private Clients was to create a distinctive brand identity and an engaging website that would reflect the luxurious and powerful nature of their services. The client sought a modern yet timeless logo, a color scheme that conveyed opulence, and a website that not only showcased their elite services but also provided a seamless user experience. The goal was to establish a strong online presence that resonated with the sophistication and prestige of HX Private Clients.

The Solution

In response to the brief, we developed a logo that cleverly integrated the letters 'H' and 'X' to form a modern and luxurious icon. The strategic use of a green and gold color combination throughout the branding was implemented to embody the power and opulence associated with the brand. The website design, characterized by its simplicity and cleanliness, exuded luxury and sophistication. To engage visitors, we incorporated a compelling video showreel showcasing the elite services offered by HX Private Clients. Furthermore, we enhanced user interaction by seamlessly integrating a straightforward application form into the website, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for potential clients. The end result was a cohesive and visually striking brand identity, complemented by an intuitive website that successfully communicated the unique offerings of HX Private Clients.

Colour Palette

In the development of HX Private Clients' website, we meticulously curated a luxurious color palette to uphold the brand's identity. By incorporating shades of green, gold, and black, we aimed to create a refined and opulent visual experience throughout the site. This strategic choice allowed for the seamless integration of HX Private Clients' sophisticated colors, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. The combination of green, gold, and black was specifically chosen to exude a sense of luxury and exclusivity, aligning with the expectations of high net worth individuals. These carefully selected colors contribute to a cohesive and visually compelling design, reinforcing HX Private Clients' commitment to maintaining a distinguished and refined brand image.
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Our commitment to combining technology with design has yielded a website that seamlessly intertwines HX Private Clients's brand with practical functionality. We are proud to have provided a solution that perfectly aligns with their vision.

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Anthony and his team completely redesigned and company's logo and built an incredible website bringing my brand to life - I am extremely in love with what they have created for us. Could not recommend Bond Media enough.
Harry Cracker