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As an agency that grows businesses, when you win a crypto client, you need to talk the talk.

Working with web3 clients for the first time can be challenging: it's a complex proposition with lots of jargon to learn. We can help you get up to speed and support your agency's transition to marketing and growing web3 projects.

Bond Media, one of the UK's top web design agencies, accelerates your growth and helps achieve your objectives through responsive, bespoke websites that showcase your potential and the game-changing innovation of web3.

We create award-winning websites that convert leads into clients and establish dominance in the increasingly-competitive world of cryptocurrencies, Layer-1s, Layer-2s, NFTs, tokens, metaverses and more.

Meet the Crypto Experts

Bond Media CEO Anthony Mixides is a long-term advocate and adopter of crypto, and happy to talk however big or small your challenge might be: book a call with him using this Calendly link.


About the team

Alongside Anthony, Bond Media and friends consist of:

  • Top-tier ghost and copywriters
  • Web3 advisors, consultants and investors
  • Discord mods and social media managers
  • KOL & Influencer managers
  • Project managers and business developers

As a team, we’ve sold out NFT projects in minutes, onboarded thousands of users to web3 projects and driven real results for top 30 cryptos.

We’re you need to run a successful crypto project in one place.

What to do when you win your first crypto client

Despite turning 15 in January 2024, Bitcoin, Ethereum and all things blockchain are new to many people, and we don’t intend to gatekeep the potential of crypto: we want everyone to benefit from decentralised, alternative finance.

Increasingly, traditional marketing agencies like yours are landing their first cryptocurrency clients, and navigating the jargon-filled world of web3 can be intimidating at first, and possibly resulting in money left on the table at worst!

We don’t want you to miss out, so we’re here to help.

A quick crypto glossary:

We know that it can sound buzzwordy, but it’s really useful to know the latest lingo.


The native currency of a chain. BTC for Bitcoin, Eth for Ethereum.


A derivative, such as Chainlink’s LINK, which is an ERC-20 token of the Ethereum chain.


An evolution of distributed ledger technology, in which transaction data is stored permanently, publicly and usually anonymously.


The next generation of the web. Think “connect wallet” instead of “sign in with Google”.

Layer (1, 2)

OG chains or their scaling solutions, such as Optimism or Arbitrum for Ethereum.


A non-fungible token that is worth 1:1 of itself.


Can be rendered below 1:1 such as 0.00000001 in the case of Bitcoin’s BTC.


An augmented reality environment that interacts with blockchain technology.


Key opinion leader or influencer.


A decentralised marketplace where you transact without an intermediary via a community-governed platform.


A private, usually for-profit platform that stores private data such as your email.


This means you own your crypto instead of having it held by a CEX for you, usually via a non-custodial wallet such as MetaMask.


This is when the developers of a project disappear with the funds they have raised.

Closing your first web3 leads

It’ll be important to the people that you speak to that you’ve got skin in the game.

This means you’ve got to hold cryptocurrency. You should have a non-custodial wallet and even a hardware wallet to keep it safe. You need to know the difference between Layer 1s Avalanche and Solana, and why Bitcoin is valuable.

Importantly, when you’re on calls, you need to talk the talk as well as walk the walk. Crypto projects move quick, and you need to be ready to moon. (That means to perform really well, financially, FYI.)

When you’re talking to leads and serious prospects, they’ll know if you don’t know web3, and rather than saying you don’t know, it’s always better to say that you know people who do.

Managing a web3 client checklist

Here are some questions you should rapidly get the answers to:

What infrastructure are they building upon or creating?

What value does their project create for users?

Are they focussing on use case, technology or community? (2 out of 3 is good, 3 ideal. 1 avoid.)

Have they developed a value proposition and if not is this something you can help with?

Have they previously rugged a project or do they have previous success?

Are their objectives achievable? (lots of crypto projects want to onboard 1 billion people to web3.)

What to do when you’re landing more web3 clients

Scalability is part of the infamous blockchain trilemma, and it’s a problem that you’ll need to tackle too. Could you take on three more crypto clients? If not, why not? It might be time to start making friends with some of the best people in the space.

We can extend your team with:

  • Top-tier ghost and copywriters
  • Web3 advisors, consultants and investors
  • Discord mods and social media managers
  • KOL & Influencer managers
  • Project managers and business developers

For success from day 1.

Need some help?

Bond Media and friends stand ready to support other agencies looking to learn more about the space, and even offer a 1 or 2-day intensive workshop to get you up to speed.

Want an expert to join your calls, propose work or execute? Sign on as a partner to enjoy access to a roster of credible, authoritative experts in the web3 space and never feel worried by web3 again.

The crypto-giving pledge

Many projects with tokens and NFTs rapidly rise in value, and we’ll accept part-payment in native tokens and currencies. Further to this, we pledge to donate between 5% and 10% of our profits to people suffering from *ailment*, in honour of someone very close to our hearts ❤️.

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