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Good web design is integral to the success of any online business.

Bond Media is a leading, full service London website design agency. We not only design your dream website, we build it too, ensuring that your business is not just found, but is remembered. 

We have a broad spectrum of talent at Bond Media, meaning we have the capability to not just design you a website that sings, we are able to synchronise your optimisation, both online and offline, giving your brand the global projection it deserves. 

Our coordinated efforts ensure that your WordPress website design is not a standalone element of your marketing efforts, but that it harmonises effortlessly with the rest of your branding, flowing into an effective search engine optimisation programme. 

So whether you’re a start up needing to establish your digital marketing strategy to get the most out of your website, or you’re an established business with a website that isn’t delivering what you need from it, we are the experts in WordPress web design and we can get you on track. 

As one of the leading London WordPress web design companies in the marketplace, we are experts in all things WordPress. Our dedicated WordPress web design team has extensive experience designing and building WordPress websites from scratch, guaranteeing that your website is as unique as you are.


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With years of experience developing e-commerce solutions for clients of all sizes, from start-ups to multi-national corporations, we understand what makes a successful retail website:

Cutting-edge design

Our skilled designers are passionate about creating exceptional results on every project. They are only ever satisfied once they have produced a website that will both WOW the intended audience and build confidence and trust to ensure its commercial success.

Ease of use

Keeping things simple is the key to online retail profits. The easier it is to navigate and buy from your website the more business you will do. Our designers not only create unique identities for businesses, but focused on clarity, simplicity and the user experience, narrowing the gap between a buyer’s desire to purchase and the completed transaction.

Customer loyalty

Our expertise in this field enables us to recommend various ways for you to engage with your customers to gaining their loyalty. From numerous additional practical features to simple ways for customers to communicate with you or one another through reviews, discussion boards, blogs and forums.

Search engine visibility

Alongside our dedicated design team our SEO experts work tirelessly to make sure that your retail website is found by those all important search engines and therefore the mass online market.

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Bond Media are a Specialist WordPress Agency based in London 

Bond Media create digital experiences that will excite and inspire audiences. We are the London WordPress website design agency of choice for many aspiring businesses. We specialise in designing and creating secure, scalable, fast, flexible WordPress websites that put your users firmly at their core. 

We empower our clients by crafting SEO orientated WordPress web designs. No matter the size of your project, large or small, we always deliver high end, strategic results that delight and inspire.  

With the evolution of “mobile first design” we ensure all wordpress designs adhere to best practice.

Bond Media is the leading WordPress website design agency in London, with creativity and development at the heart of everything we do. So if it’s a truly bespoke WordPress website you want, designed and developed by a hands on team who not only take the time to get to know your company, but you as well, to capture your essence and incorporate it into the website design, then you’ve come to the right place.


Why is WordPress a Good Choice for Businesses?

WordPress offers businesses a flexible, cost-effective method of owning a website that becomes much easier to manage, easier to edit and easier to turn into a core part of their business.

WordPress is:

  • WordPress is cost effective
  • Flexible – update your website from anywhere on any device
  • SEO ready – offers excellent plugin integration to assist with search engine optimisation efforts
  • Excellent Syndication Options
  • Powerful eCommerce bolt on options including Woocommerce
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Powerful Visual Editors – making professional design adjustments easy
  • Scalable – bolt on and build new functionality in
  • Cheap to host
  • Exceptional Social Media integration

Overall – wordpress gives clients the ultimate control over their website whilst keeping costs down, improving the speed in which things can be implemented & best of all – it has one of the largest open plugin communities in existence.

Every single one of the WordPress website designs that we have crafted are brand oriented with a design that ensures a well-organised website, making the UX optimal for visitors, and for the search engine spiders who will crawl your site and index the pages.

By building your website using WordPress, you’re joining almost ⅓ of all websites on the internet, including powerhouses such as Sony, Time Inc, and The New York Post. Because WordPress is the best way to experience all the internet has to offer. 

A WordPress website can give you and your business everything you need in order to create anything that you want, because it’s flexible, incredibly secure and supremely powerful, delivering the impact you want.


Why else use WordPress? 

    • Content Management System. WordPress is unique in that it’s a simple and easy to use content management system. You don’t need a degree in computer science, or have any knowledge of code or programming in order to maintain and update your website once we hand it over (although that is a service we offer if you require it). In fact, WordPress is incredibly flexible and adaptable to meet your changing needs. 
    • Theme. You can have a WordPress theme that complements your business. You don’t need to have a run of the mill theme, there is an array of choices for fine tuning your website so that is as unique as you are. 
    • Compatible plugins. WordPress is compatible with millions of different plugins, from simple ones to specialised ones, allowing your website to have the exact features that you need it to. From shopping carts to layouts, to contact forms, no matter what you want to customise, there is a plugin that will work with your WordPress site. 
    • SEO. A WordPress site enables your optimisation efforts to go that bit further. Not only are WordPress sites ranked more highly than other sites by the search engines, because of the continual updates, but because WordPress includes tools that make optimising your content for SEO purposes very easy. 
    • Mobile responsive. If you hope to have your website ranked in the SERP, then it needs to be mobile responsive. And WordPress offer a number of themes that are responsive in design. Even if you choose to have a static site, WordPress has plugins we can install to meet Google’s mobile first requirements. 
    • Blog. Every WordPress site has a built in blog making publishing regular content easy. You can access this feature from any device, including your mobile phone, meaning it has never been so easy to create and publish content to stay relevant and in front of your audience. 

Bond Media WordPress Web Design

We are a small, agile WordPress website design agency, meaning we are capable of delivering exactly what you require. In fact, we pride ourselves on our streamlined process, our detailed planning and our strategic thinking that allows us to create innovative, unique websites, time and again. 

Every single one of our WordPress web design projects starts with our team sitting down and getting to know you and your business. We take the time to understand your requirements so that you are 100% satisfied with the results. 

Our dedicated process ensures that every member of our team fully understands your challenges and identifies your needs accurately, in order to define the scope of the project. 

By taking the time to develop a bespoke strategy to your WordPress website design, we guarantee that our project will deliver a very real measurable return on your investment.