Why You Should Get Social with Your Website

It’s 2014 and the Web has moved at a rapid pace in terms of the products, tools and the ever changing design trends that we apply to our website projects. Especially with 2015 just around the corner, (yes time will fly by without us realizing it), to which I consider a milestone as I do every 5 years in the progression of the web industry with new products and tools made available for us to use. This is a big contrast to what businesses had 14 years ago to advertise or notify our customers of your website and/or business was very limited and very expensive.

So let’s thrust our minds back 14 years ago to the year 2000, where what could be done in terms of designing and building websites was limited by the tools available at the time. Social media has been around for ages but not at the level in which it is viewed or used today. Therefore its services were not applied to advertising a website the way it is done today, most businesses would have to mainly rely on or adopt methods such as word of mouth (which is still widely used today as their main source of business), TV-adverts (for those who had money), leaflets, newspaper ads etc. to spread the message to as many people as possible and to their required target audience, which could become quite costly.

Why You Should Get Social with Your Website

Through the rise in Google’s popularity, users began searching for websites through a new medium, and as a result companies had to optimise their websites so that they could acquire the page 1 list 1 spot.  Through this method millions of users (target audience) would be able to find a business in less time and at a fraction of the price to the company.

With the emergence of Facebook in 2004 and Twitter in 2006 only then did we begin to truly see the power of social media.  It became a new very cost effective way to promote your business to a specifically targeted audience.  Where users are constantly sharing information and images with each other.  In turn enabling the shared information to be seen by their friends, which if they liked or commented can then be seen by their friends and so on and so forth.

With the everyday use of smartphones, users can now operate Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc  away from their computers whilst out and about and with there being 250 million users accessing Facebook through their phone as well as users being able to browse the internet and view websites, it is also a smart decision for your website to be responsive to enable  users to comfortably view it on their smartphones or tablet device especially if they “like” you on social media and came to your website. [2]

With there being 1.15 billion Facebook users, 1 billion Google+ enabled accounts and 550 million registered Twitter users as well as other social media sites such as Pinterest with 20 million active monthly users and Instagram with 150 million active monthly users it can only make logical sense to make sure that any website you design and develop to include and integrate into your design social media platforms. [1]

By using simple “share” social media widgets you will allow visitors to act as “Promoters” of your business. If they share your content it is immediately seen by their friends.  You can simply sit back and watch how your business’s page gets “liked” and spread across the network of that users friends, family, work colleagues etc, furthermore hopefully with enough time may even go viral ultimately drawing in lots of users back to your website through little effort and cost to yourselves. There are already 2.5million websites integrated with Facebook and other social media platforms, make sure yours is next. [2]

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Zain Syed


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