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There are many factors which contribute toward a website being successful or not. The look of the site is right up there, as is its ‘feel’ and whether it boasts the kind of usability that guides visitors from homepage to check out quickly and smoothly. Also vital, clearly, is an SEO strategy which places the site at or near the top of any search rankings, and content which engages and encourages multiple visits.


We’re experts, we understand those requirements and how to deliver them.  We also understand that hosting matters, and matters more than ever, because of the impact it has on the speed with which your page loads. Remember when the internet was a miracle? When people were willing to wait patiently whilst a dial-up connection loaded an image or page line by painstaking line? Of course you don’t, but ask your parents or grandparents, that’s how things used to be. People being the impatient creatures they are, however, this soon changed and it’s now more or less official that the time which visitors are willing to wait for a website to load is the time it takes them to blink.

Blink your eyes. That’s how long. Any longer than that – 400 milliseconds if you’re wondering – and a prospective customer is likely to sigh impatiently and move on to the next site. If you’re in the business of designing content rich, strongly branded and pleasingly fluent websites then this is a fairly terrifying statistic, but it’s even more terrifying if you’re a business hoping your website will be a powerful driver of revenue.  The bad news is that it’s going to get even worse in the future. The good news is that, here at Bond Media, we’re right on top of it.

Mobile Searching

Loading times are going to have to get even better in the future because more and more searching is being done on the move. No matter how impatient people are (or were) when sat at their desk working on a PC, that’s nothing compared to the need for speed experienced by someone who’s searching on their smartphone or tablet whilst negotiating a crowded pavement. The shift to mobile searching simply emphasises the fact that websites will have to be designed so that they’re not only responsive, but so that they’re responsive at speed.

As with so many things related to websites and internet searches, Google has a large part to play in this as well. It’s emerged that the speed with which your page loads, as well as having an effect upon people visiting, is taken into account when deciding your Google rankings. A page which is slow to load, then, is the kiss of death; it will slip down the rankings on Google and if anyone does happen to stumble across it they probably won’t even wait for it to load.

Luckily, the hosting we offer is powerful, secure and – vitally – fast enough to deliver super quick loading times without compromising on website content. Combined with our SEO expertise this will guarantee your business a spot near the top of the rankings, whilst also ensuring that shoppers, commuters and anyone else on the move will instantly be able to discover exactly what you’re offering. People sometimes describe something very fast by saying ‘Blink and you’ll miss it.’ As far as  our hosting is concerned it’s more a question of ‘Blink and it’s loaded.’

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