Shopping on mobile on the up!!

Some interesting data has been released but I think we all had an idea this was going to happen as we are all on our mobiles non-stop!!! I bet you are on it now.

Mobile E-commerce sales will grow from $10 billion in 2012 to a whopping $32 billion in 2016, Forrester Research says. With mobile devices improving in terms of speed and also screen resolution it is becoming far more convenient and easy to shop on you mobile device.


When I say “Mobile E-commerce”, this is possible in a number of ways – 1) specific apps built for shopping and that are mobile friendly, 2) mobile responsive websites, where the web development company has ensured the site renders well on a mobile. The most popular mobile apps that are in use for shopping are the Amazon and eBay apps.

While not every e-commerce business requires a full on mobile app, this is a good time to ensure that your website is Mobile E-commerce ready. It’s wise to make it fully functional on both Android and iOS devices, as well as user-friendly and easy to use based on touch. If you publish offers on your site, also make sure that those translate well in the mobile version as well as across social media channels.

We have been monitoring a client’s site and have witnessed already since December 2012 to January 2013 that the majority of their completed sales have been done on mobile devices, increasing conversions to 2.20% which is great as it previously was working on a 1% to 1.5% conversion. So the investment in a mobile e-commerce site for them has already paid off!!

Based on the information you have read… I will ask you this question is your store mobilised?? Get in touch today for us to demonstrate some examples. Click here to visit our contact us page.

Anthony Mixides

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