Monday, we online shop! But is your online shop prepared?

Monday blues?  I feel you! So what do we do to try and combat that Monday feeling that comes round all too quickly for most peoples’ liking?

Well, basically, we shop!!

Monday, we online shop! But is your online shop prepared?

Monday is the most popular day for online shopping.  Whether it’s to avoid the work that is starting to pile up on our desks, to ease us in to the working week or just to shop away those Monday blues with a little bit of online retail therapy, Monday is all about internet shopping.

Fret not all you bosses out there, most of the internet action happens between 6am and 8am.  This means we basically open our eyes get on our laptops/mobile phones/ipads etc and look at what we want to buy as an incentive to motivate ourselves to get out of bed and go in to work so that we can pay for all those things we have put on our mental shopping list.  Makes total sense to me, I definitely do this way too often!

Monday is also considered a good day to find the best bargains especially if you are looking for computers or electronics as many manufacturers apply their discounts on this day which are then passed down to us consumers.  No, no.. No need to thank me for this tip, it is my pleasure.   Obviously not every product is cheaper on Monday so do you research people and you could grab yourself a bargain or two.

And let’s not forget about ‘Cyber Monday’ or ‘Mega Monday’ as it is known in the UK.  Cyber Monday comes after Black Friday which happens the day after Thanksgiving..keeping up? If not, let me break it down for you.  Black Friday is always the day after Thanksgiving and has made its way over to us here in the UK.  It is the day when most retailers discount their prices to get us buying in the lead up to Christmas.  This year it falls on 29 November 2013.  Cyber Monday is considered the online equivalent of Black Friday and is one of the biggest online shopping days of the year and this year it falls on 2 December 2013.

So, with so many more people online on a Monday, and Mega Monday and the lead up to the Christmas Shopping fast approaching is your e-commerce store ready? Are you doing all you can to increase your traffic?  Whilst the traffic may rise to your Magento e-commerce store do you know which features would increase conversions?  Also, with the majority of online shopping being done via mobile devices, is your Magento e-commerce store mobilised?  It has never been more important than it is now to make sure your website is mobile friendly and more importantly mobile responsive.  Read our previous blog on the importance of mobile friendly and responsive websites here.

If you want to discuss this further and understand how to prepare your Magento e-commerce site or even re-do your site to benefit from the surge in traffic or for the maximum amount of conversions please get in touch.

Themoulla Nicola

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