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People spend more and more time on their mobile devices, and the majority of that time is using apps that they find useful informative or relevant to them.

A Facebook Lead Ad campaign is a great way to put yourself in front of potential customers while they are looking at things they find useful and relevant for them.

You can use the campaign increase the number of people signing up to your newsletters, or you can promote deals, new services, or product updates.

The main benefits of using Facebook Leads Ad are:

  • you collect leads from the devices that customers are actively using
  • you improve the quality of your contact information
  • you increase your potential to gain a conversion

Leads are more likely to convert if you follow them up immediately.  Their interest in you and what you can offer them will be at its highest when they have just given you their details.

If you use CRM systems or email marketing platforms you can set up automatic responses to get the sales conversation going and show that you are interested and engaged.

Be aware that because it takes longer to fill in a form on a mobile, you should only be asking for information that you really need.  Once you’ve got the information you can build a relationship with them.

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