Latest Website Design Trend: Parallax Scrolling

As with everything, whether it is in fashion, social media, web design etc, there is always a current trend that people are following or raving about.  The latest trend taking the web design world by storm is the parallax scrolling technique.  With more and more web designers adopting this technique it is definitely a trend worth knowing about.

So what is parallax scrolling? It is a technique used by web designers to create different layers on one web page, which are set at differing speeds so that when the user scrolls down, up, left or right, the images and words on the page appear to be moving and changing in size creating a 3D effect and in turn making the page have depth and come to life.

Why has parallax scrolling become so big?  The answer is simple.  Users want more from a website these days than a bog standard plain design.   Users want something that is going to keep them interested and engaged.  And this is exactly what parallax scrolling does.  From the point of view of a business  owner this is what they want their website to do, because the better the user experience and more engaging it is, the more likely the user is to stay on the website, explore their services and remember the business! And nowadays this is ever more important with your competitors being only a click away.

I have to say we at Bond Media do like a bit parallax scrolling.  Why?  There are many reasons but to name a few, it is a great way of getting a huge amount of content and information on to one page in an interesting format, so that it doesn’t appear too content heavy and overloaded in turn boring the user to click off.  Used in the right way, it makes site navigation simple and it’s also a great way to display and showcase products.

But as with all trends, they come and go.  So the question is, how long is this trend going to last? Many are already saying this trend has had its day, whereas others are insisting it is still flying high.

Whether parallax scrolling fades away into trend heaven with all the other trends anxiously waiting and hoping to make a comeback or lasts for a long while to come, you cannot take away from the fact that this technique has had a huge impact on the web design world and amazing things have been created from parallax scrolling.

Here are our top 5 parallax websites:

  1. HTC One –
  2. Mac Pro –
  3. Life of Pi –!/
  4. Pitchfork , Bat for Lashes –
  5. Caliberi – – oh come on we had to have a least one of our sites on our top five, otherwise we are doing something wrong! 😉


I hope you enjoyed reading my blog.  Let us know what you think about this latest trend.   Or if you are interested in having a parallax site then get in touch today.

Themoulla Nicola

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