The Importance of Having Reviews on your Magento E-commerce Shop

The product review feature on Magento e-commerce sites has been around for some time now but many e-commerce owners unfortunately have over looked the importance of this feature.   I am here to tell you today that this cannot be ignored anymore.  If you are an e-commerce owner now is the time to put this at the top of your to-do list as product reviews are becoming increasingly more important to the success of your e-commerce business.

Reviews on your Magento E-commerce Shop
Why is the product review feature so important?

Well, the first and most important point is that it allows for unique content to be posted on your product pages.  Most Magento e-commerce owners don’t have the resources to write unique content for each and every product that they have listed on their site so they use the product descriptions provided by the manufacturer. The problem with this is that the same text tends to be used by all other businesses selling the same products online, so effectively there is nothing unique about the content on your product pages.  Now, Google, as you know or you should most definitely get to know, LOVES unique content so having customers write reviews directly on your product pages adds the unique content that Google is looking for.  Win-win!

Secondly when new visitors or even existing customers visit your product pages and see the reviews that other customers have posted, they often take the comments at face value and it can encourage them to make a purchase.

Another great aspect when using the product review system is that when a review is made the customer can then share their review socially on their Facebook and Twitter feed, in turn opening up your online shop to a whole new audience.  The customer’s Facebook friends or Twitter followers will be able to see the review and are more likely to click on the product image and read the review from the trusted source.  It may even make them buy the same product because their friend has vouched for it.  I can confirm, that through tracked statistics, I have seen this work!

By this point you are probably thinking what happens if a customer posts a negative review.  Now, this feature does have the facility to enable you to allow or disallow the review so you can prevent a negative review from appearing on your site. However, I wouldn’t suggest you do this as it is better to have a mixture of reviews otherwise customers might think you are falsifying information.  Also, a little bit of constructive criticism never hurts.  You can always learn from negative comments made by customers and implement changes to ensure you do not receive the same negative comment again.    Thus improving your service to customers overall.
How do I encourage customers to review?

In this day and age everyone likes to be given a reward or an incentive for online activities.  With this feature, you can set it up so that when a customer leaves a review they will be given a discount code for doing so.  You can even take it one step further and offer them an additional promotion if they share their review on their social media platforms.   Your customers are then happy to provide a review and Google is happy with you for providing unique content.  Again, win-win!

If you are an e-commerce owner now is the time to put this feature at the top of your to-do list. If you would like a quote to add this feature to your Magento shop please get in touch today.

Anthony Mixides

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