How do you handle your business data?

This blog applies to start-up businesses and also existing companies that are already up and running, that need a solution to centralise processes.

Every business comes into contact with data in one way or another and in today’s digital age it is has never been so imperative to ensure your data is captured and organised in a seamless non time consuming way, that lets you run your business efficiently.

Do you have a business that has a number of different software programs that stores your information? Nothing centralised? Do you have Data in Word, some in Excel, Outlook Emails and other software? Do you find yourself spending too much time opening one document then another to work out relationships between the data? Have you ever said “I wish I could just search for something and all the records that relate to a client or task appear?” Are you a business owner totally dependent on one member of staff that manages all your data in the above described way? What would happen if that member of staff suddenly disappears?

What do I need then I hear you say!

Well first of all it is about defining what you would like by writing out a clear specification and then sending it on to agency such as Bond Media who will find build a bespoke solution that suits you and your business. We can develop what is called a CRM (Content Relationship Manager) that centralises your data and processes making your business more organised.

The system would be hosted in the cloud, so it could be accessed from anywhere in the world and you will be given a user manual tailored to you so that anyone in your company can learn to use the system. Would this add value to your business? 100% it would! Let’s say you have the intention of selling off your business in years to come, would a company be interested in buying your business if your data was all over the place? I think not! Would they be interested in purchasing a business with an organised CRM that stored all the clients and all business processes were fine-tuned and managed by a CRM? I think they would.

So if the above sounds like you, start writing out a brief that explains what you need to make your business more efficient send it over and lets discuss!

We will listen to your needs, discuss our experience and deliver the solution that is best suited for you.

Anthony Mixides

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