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With so many social media apps popping up all over the place it can be a little overwhelming and hard to keep up.  One of the latest apps that we think is definitely worth talking about is Vine.


Launched by Twitter earlier this year and taking the social media world by storm, the app allows its users to create a short six second looping video, which can be shared with the world i.e your Twitter and Facebook followers.

In its early days, Vine was used purely for fun, to create crazy, entertaining videos and share them with friends.  But as the roots of Vine have started to grow and spread, more and more people are realising that it can be used as a great business tool for marketing purposes.  So much so that the big brands have jumped on the Vine train and are moving full steam ahead.

Now, don’t be put off by the fact that the video can only ever be six seconds long.  Once you start using the app, you will be pleasantly surprised with the amount of content you can actually fit in to such a short video.  Take a look at the Vines below which are prefect examples of how much you can fit into one video:


The unique stop/start function means you can showcase your products in visually attractive ways by simply moving your products around during filming, creating eye-catching stop-motion videos, allowing your products to be seen in all their glory from all angles.  What better way to market your products without it being too pushy!! To see examples of this, take a look at the Vines below made by our client My Home Sweet Home, an online furniture and home accessories business:


And remember, not every video needs to be about your business.  Why not make your videos personal and inject a bit of fun so that your followers can get to know who is behind the brand and the team, giving them an insight into your business.  On that note, here is the Vine that we have created just for you:

Oh and finally, don’t forget, because this is an app owned by Twitter you can use the fabulous #hashtag making it easier for people to search for your Vine.

We absolutely love Vine and are sure that you will too.  So go on, get involved and share your Vines with us.

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