Google Authorship Simplified

I recently attended a seminar hosted by Caliber on the recent changes in SEO and what the future holds in terms of SEO 2.0.  It was great to be able to listen to experts in their field highlighting the main points that people should know about the changing world of SEO. The following was covered:

  • SEO 2.0
  • SEO evolution
  • What makes online content successful?
  • Social media marketing

But enough about that you should have seen the breakfast spread…ah just delightful!

Anyway, so two croissants and a strawberry and cream yoghurt later the seminar got me thinking about the future…marriage, kids…oh wait, not that future…obviously I meant the future of SEO.

So what do we know: Well, we know that Google is constantly changing the way it determines how and when to rank content for search result purposes.   One major change that was introduced was to prevent sites with poor quality content reaching the top of search results and in turn giving better ranking to those sites with high quality content.   Welcome Google Plus and Google Authorship.

Who has heard of Google+ and Google Authorship? ’Yes’, ‘No’, ‘Erm I think so but I don’t know what they are or what to do with them’ are probably some of the answers we would get to our question.

For those of you that answered no, Google+ is essentially a social networking site; you complete your profile, verify yourself as an author, add a nice image of yourself and interact with others.  Done! Ok, that is not entirely all it is but that is the basic of basic information you need to get started.

Google Authorship is a feature which allows someone that has written original content to claim that content as their own by associating it with their Google+ page.  Basically, a way to get recognised for your work; and who doesn’t like a bit of recognition now and again!

So then what happens?  Google, one of the biggest search engines, then uses ‘authorship’ to determine who has created the content regardless of where and on what site the content appears.   As mentioned already, the aim is to get rid of poor quality content and ensure content is coming from a reputable human source, at the same time giving you recognition for your work and helping you get ranking on search engines.

Still not convinced? Ok fine, here are some benefits of Google Authorship in a pretty little graphic:

Those are some good benefits right there if you ask me.  And, at the moment, until Google change things up again this is the way forward if you want to be found, especially if all the speculation about “Author Rank” (alert: another blog topic coming soon) is true.  So go on people, get yourself signed up and get your pretty little faces and your great work out there for the world to see.   And while you’re at it check out my face by clicking my name just below….

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