Choosing the right keywords for SEO

Every online business should consider Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as part of its strategy, this is essential for your business to succeed.

If you are a newbie and have never heard of SEO you may be asking Why?? & What is this? SEO basically means getting your website on page 1, position 1 to 5 for targeted keywords on search engines and primarily Google, as 88-90% of searches are conducted on Google UK with the US around 65% according to recent statistics.

The reason why I say position 1 to 5 is because no matter what, your site once on page 1 will move up and down depending on the Google Algorithm which is forever changing.  I won’t go in to detail about how this works now as this is a whole other subject in itself for a future blog.

So what does SEO do for your site?  Basically, it GENERATES TRAFFIC to your website and when the right keywords are selected it generates GOOD, relevant traffic that will convert to either a sale or an enquiry!

Now back to the reason for this blog, choosing the right keywords for your website. I’ll give you an example.

If you are an online bakery and you are based in London there is no point in targeting “bread”. Although you would be correct in some ways since you sell “bread” BUT this keyword would not be the keyword that a potential shopper would use to buy.  Since you are a London based bakery it would be better to target “Bakery in London” or even “Bakery London” – my point here is try and be more specific about your business.  The generic single phrase keywords are firstly very competitive for a new business, and secondly probably not relevant.

People are being very specific with their searches these days, so you should take that trail of thought when choosing your keywords. Have a think now how you personally searched for the last product you bought, did you use a single phrase or a specific phrase?

The keywords I’m trying to get you to research are classed as “Long-tail” which are key phrases of three to five words. There may be fewer search queries per month, BUT you have a lot less competition and a more efficient SEO strategy in place for keywords that will convert.

So now you are ready to start making your selections, you obviously need to see some stats from Google to see if the keywords are actually being used and the level of competition they have. Well thankfully Google has a very cool Keyword tool to give you this information. The Google Adwords Keyword Tool is used for businesses starting a Google Pay Per Click campaign, but you are free to use this to choose the keywords you will target naturally on Google.

Remember, when you research keywords, don’t immediately go for the ones with the most searches, look for the relevant terms and select them based on what I have explained above.

If you need advice or require a quotation for SEO please get in touch today by clicking here and we would be more than happy to advise you and inform you of the success stories we have witnessed.

Hope you enjoyed the read!

Anthony Mixides

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