Best time to post on social media

Today’s blog is about the right times to post on Social Media sites.

We have all heard of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ etc and no doubt have all used at least one of these social media sites BUT are we all getting the most out of them for our businesses? Most businesses are actively involved in social media and even have dedicated teams focusing solely on posting and sharing information about their business and products throughout the day.

But what about the small business owners that can only posts a couple of times a day in-between everything else they have to do?

If this is you, then you need to make sure that your posts count and reach as big an audience as possible in one hit.  One of the best ways to do this is by understanding when you should be posting your social media love!

Did you know that there are good and bad times to post your content on Social Media sites?  Did you also know that the best and worst times to post vary from one Social Media site to the next?

Well if you didn’t then please keep reading my wonderful blog!  I am going to break this down to help you  post your content when it counts and not when your intended fan base is sleeping or pretending to be working 😉


Now, you need to work out how to manage your time in your day so that you can make sure you are posting at the best times, not the worst, during peak times when traffic builds and not when it fades.  Phew there is a lot to take in isn’t there!

How do I manage my Posts?

So, how do you go about making sure you are on it and posting at the right time?  Well, funny you should ask that.  There are a number of tools out there that can help.  Take  HootSuite – this media management tool allows you to create a post and then schedule the time you want the post to be made.  Genius!! There is also TweetDeck – another application to help you manage your Twitter and Facebook accounts enabling you to promote lots information on Twitter.

There are many more social media management tools out there to help make your everyday working life that little bit easier.   If you guys are interested, I can do a whole blog of the different social media management tools.  Let me know by commenting on the form below this blog.

Obviously, the information provided is based on averages etc and depending on your particular business, timings may vary.  So bear this in mind and make sure you keep a log of when you think you are achieving the best results.  Also, don’t forget content is key.  Be sure to grab your audience’s attention.

Happy Social Media Networking!!

Anthony Mixides

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